In my resource library you will find lots of free resources. These will include hints & tips from my many years of experience in Early Years. Fun projects that you can use at home, in the classroom, in your library or on the move in the car! I hope they will be useful if you are a teacher, a nursery nurse, early years practitioner or a parent. 

Rainbow Tip Sheet PDF

The first resource is my 3 Top Tips for Story Time. I found these tips to be beneficial to my storytelling over the years. There is nothing worse than finding yourself sitting unprepared in front of a large group of eager faces. This situation sometimes strikes fear to even the most seasoned of practitioners and teachers. Maybe you are cover another class or you are just feeling off your game. Having these tips at the back of your mind will, I’m sure help give you the confidence to deliver an engaging storytelling sessions every time.






???? Guessing Game ????

A page from The Gingerbread Man Kamishibai. Illustrated by Sadi Johnson.

You can play this game anywhere and use any story that your children are familiar with. This could be done directly after reading a story or before you revisit a story you have read previously. Chose a character from a story. You can do this verbally or you could show the cover of the story and hide one of the characters. You can describe the character and the children have to guess which character it is. Alternatively, chose one or two children to describe the character to you or to the rest of the group.



      Basic sequencing table



Sequencing is a great skill for children to practice and perfect. We use sequencing everyday and getting it right is very important! What if we got our morning routine wrong and forgot to brush our teeth or went to school in our pyjamas! You could use these tables with other resources which the children can cut out, sequence and glue into the table. They could write a title in the space provided at the top. Or you can ask the children to draw a sequence of something. Again their morning routine or the sequence of a story.

Sequencing Table Type 2

Sequencing Table












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